Integrating with CI

How Facets Control Plane Integrates with CI systems


In earlier sections, we described how to push a build manually to Facets Control Plane. In this Section, you will learn how to automate pushing the container builds to Facets Control Plane from your CI system.


CI Integration

Release Streams

Release streams are logical groups of environment types. The available types are as QA, QA2, STAGING, PROD. You can view / modify the release stream in the edit

Integrating with Jenkins

:one: Set Global Environment Variable

Navigate to “Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Global properties option”. Check the “Environment variables” checkbox and then add the following variables

  1. $CP_URL - Your Control Plane URL.
  2. $CC_TOKEN - Your Authentication token.
  3. $CC_USER - Authorized username in your Control Plane

:two: Create or edit your Job

Go about the regular Jenkins build process.

:three: Set up the post-build hook to call Facets

In this example, we will be pushing the master build in to the QA2 stream. :point-down: