Google OAuth Integration for User Management

Google OAuth Integration

If you are using Google Workspace for your organization, Facets can use the same login mechanism to give your users access to your Control Plane.

To achieve this, you need to:

  • Create a OAuth Client ID in your Google Console.
  • Add the OAuth integration in your Control Plane.

Create an OAuth Client ID in your Google Console

  1. Refer to the Google Docs for Setting up OAuth 2.0.
  2. Set up an Authorized redirect URI as shown in the table below.
  3. Save the unique Registration ID provided by Google.


Your Control Plane URL will vary

Replace the Control Plane URL, denoted as <YOUR_CP_URL> in the table below with the Control Plane URL unique to your organization.

Variable NameValue
Application TypeWeb Application
NameAny name indicating the name of the Oauth 2.0 client
Authorized Redirect URIs<YOUR_CP_URL>/login/oauth2/code/<unique-registrationID>


This <unique-registrationID> will be used later in the Facets UI to onboard this integration.

We recommend it to be a single word, all in lower-case.

Sample Create screen

Add the OAuth integration in your Control Plane

  1. Click on Settings in your navigation pane and click on the "Oauth Integrations" tab.
  1. Click on the "Add Google Integration" button to see the following popup.
  1. Fill in the values as given below:
Variable NameValue
Registration Id<unique-registrationID> given in redirect URI
Client IdFrom Google Console
Client SecretFrom Google Console
Login Button TextText that will appear in the CP Login screen. For e.g.


Logout to see this new button on your Login screen.
Any new user by default will receive a GUEST role until an ADMIN assigns them to a desired Role.