Introduction to Concepts

Here is a list of the key concepts in Facets, each with a link to a more detailed explanation:

  • Facets Control Plane: This is the underlying infrastructure that powers Facets and provides the centralized management and control of your resources.
  • Blueprints: Blueprints are a way to define your cloud infrastructure as code, making it easy to manage and deploy your resources.
  • Environments: Environments are used to create and manage instances of your blueprints, allowing you to run multiple versions of your infrastructure in parallel.
  • CI Integration: CI integration is a way to manage and store Docker images for your services, making it easy to deploy your services to different environments.
  • Releases: Releases are a way to deploy changes to your environments, making it easy to keep your systems up-to-date and stable.
  • Resource JSON: All resources are described using a JSON file that follows a specific schema in Facets.
  • IaC in Facets: Facets Control Plane uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to enable teams to manage and automate infrastructure deployments seamlessly.