Release Notes v0.2

This page contains the Release Notes for v0.2.


This release brings some new features and lots of UI improvements to ease the user experience and improve the product experience. We have also created a new API call that was raised as a Customer Request, read on to learn more about the changes.

New Features

  • API to delete registered Artifacts
    A new API call has been published that can be used to delete registered Artifacts bypassing the Artifact ID as a parameter.
  • Optional Checkbox to avoid Refresh
    At the Deployment Confirmation screen, a new checkbox has been integrated into the dialog box prompting the user to confirm if a Refresh is required along with the deployment.
    This feature has been added to ensure that all recent changes are in state and are present in the cloud.

Optional Checkbox to Force Refresh on Deployment Confirmation screen

🛠Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

  • UI changes for Release Schedule page.
  • UI fix for Pod Status not being shown on the Live Releases Page.
  • UI changes for Cluster Navigation page. Correct blueprint is displayed now after selecting it in the UI.
  • Fixed deletion workflow issues when peering module is involved.
  • Improved RBAC Correction for Roles.