What is Facets?

What is Facets Control Plane and why we built it

The Problem

Modern software teams aim to deliver highly available, reliable and secure applications at a fast pace. Thus, they need a robust DevOps process and culture on Day 1 to be able to meet the application demands.

Although DevOps as a culture is largely understood, in practice, there is a dearth of turnkey tools to support it. Teams often build their own internal platform for their deployments, operations and environment management.

Inadequate investment in building your own platform leads to various problems, specifically:

  • Incomplete Environments: It takes 30+ toolchain categories to build compliant, secure and cost-effective environments. Most teams don't get anywhere near getting the ideal mileage out of these tools. Launching adequate environments becomes a daunting exercise that teams resist.
  • Platform Team burnout : Inadequate automation leads to an increase in tickets which causes pressure on Platform teams. This in turn hinders the bandwidth for platform development.
  • The impact on developer experience: Application teams are dependent on Platform teams for routine deployments and this causes the developer experience to suffer.

It was no surprise that for every single team that we interacted with, we had to build internal platforms to support their entire cloud environment management.

The Cost of building


To build and maintain an internal platform for DevOps and cloud management is like building and maintaining a second product. This takes away focus from your core business.

You would need a stellar internal team, specializing in Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm and many other technologies in order to provision and configure resources adequately. You need experts in cloud-native design patterns and architectures like microservices, serverless architectures, service meshes, purpose-built database components etc. Add to that, built-in observability, security, compliance and cost awareness are not just nice-to-have features, they are absolutely essential.

Hence, developers have to invest time and resource in learning a plethora of tools for building a specialized Platform.

Our Solution


Facets Control Plane is a platform as a service that enables your development team to provision, configure and manage your environments in a self-service manner. It runs completely within your cloud environments.

More specifically, Facets enables you to:

  • Continuously deliver Applications, Infrastructure, Policies, Dashboards, Alerts, and Schemas.
  • Observe and collect metrics, traces, and logs.
  • Create on-demand, ephemeral environments for better developer experience and deploy to multiple public/private deployments.
  • Be cloud-agnostic and cloud-native at any point in time.
  • Manage and minimize drift between environments.

How it works

Here is a graphical representation of a typical Control Plane setup for your organization.