Availability Rules for Environments

Facets provides the ability to set up Availability Rules for your ephemeral environments. Using these rules, you can set up launch/destroy and scale up/scale down rules in your environments.


Availability rules can only be configured if the Environment Type is set as Ephemeral under Advanced Options in Create Environment screen.
Facets recommends setting only development environments as Ephemeral.

How to create Availability Rules for Environments?

  1. Navigate to Environment > Overview from the navigation menu.
  2. Click on "Create Availability Rules" button in the Availability Rules widget.
    If you want to edit the existing rules, click on "Edit" button in the Availability Rules widget.
  3. Select the type of rule you want to set up -
    1. Scale up / Scale down - This will scale down all deployments, stateful sets and disable any active cronjobs and scale up based on the set rules.
    2. Launch / Destroy - This will delete the cluster and all dependent infrastructure resources, and recreate them based on the set rules.
  4. Select if you want to enforce the rule daily, or on set days of the week, and choose the time frame for the same.
  5. Click "Save Changes", and your Availability Rules will be saved for this environment.
Click on the image to expand

Click on the image to expand

You have successfully created Availability Rules for an environment in Facets. You can repeat this process for each environment in your system and set different rules for each one as needed.