Creating a Custom Grafana Dashboard


Note: This feature is only available in the Enterprise Plan.


Ensure you have write access to the Blueprint, access to overrides, and the ability to perform a full release.

How to create a Custom Grafana Dashboard?

  1. Open the Projects tab and select the required project.
  2. Select the desired environment in which you wish to create a grafana dashboard.
  3. Here, select Tools > Grafana.
  4. In Grafana, select Dashboard > New Dashboard and click Add a new panel.
  5. Under the Query section, input your queries and click Apply.
    For instance, creating a dashboard to monitor the node count in time series.
  6. Click the Save icon. Here, mention the Dashboard Name and click Save.
Click on the image to expand

Click on the image to expand

You have successfully created a custom Grafana dashboard.

How to add the Custom Grafana Dashboard in Facets?

  1. Click on the Share dashboard or panel icon.
  2. In the pop-up, select the Export tab and click Save to file. The JSON file will be saved locally.
  3. Navigate to the Designer tab of this Project.
  4. Click Add Resource, then search for and select the Grafana dashboard.
  5. Select the Flavor, enter the Resource Name and click Add & View.
  6. Edit the JSON. In annotations section, replace the current contents with the contents of the locally saved JSON file.
  7. Click Save Changes.
  8. Enable the resource and perform a Full Release.

You have successfully deployed a custom Grafana dashboard tailored to your specific monitoring needs.