Rolling Back a Service

View History

The process of viewing the artifact history and performing a rollback in the Facets Control Plane is as follows:

  1. Login to Facets Control Plane.
  2. Select the Environment in your defined Blueprint.
  3. Navigate to the Resources tab from the sidebar and select the service for which you want to view the history.
  4. On the Live Release page, the Current Registered Artifact section will display the currently registered image if any.
Current Registered Artifact (Click on the image to expand)
  1. Click on the Rollback button to view a list of previously registered artifacts.

To perform a rollback:

On the artifact history page, select the rollback icon on a previously registered image.
A confirmation dialog box will pop up to verify the rollback. Click on Confirm to proceed.
If the rollback is successful, the dialog window closes, a success toaster is displayed, and both the current image and history list are refreshed.

Rollback image (Click on the image to expand)