VPN in Facets

Facets now integrates WireGuard VPN, simplifying secure access to cluster resources. Admins grant users the 'VPN Connect' permission, allowing them to configure VPN connections using WireGuard CLI. This provides a secure and efficient workflow for accessing and interacting with private resources within clusters.

Enabling VPN Server in Facets

  1. Navigate to Blueprint > List, select the required Blueprint, and select the desired Environment.
    You will be redirected to the Environments > Overview page.
  2. To enable the VPN Profile for this Environment, click on the ellipsis icon from the top right corner and select Environment Settings.
  3. Toggle Enable VPN Server and click Save Changes.
  4. Now, perform a release to confirm the status of the VPN server in the environment.
  5. Navigate to Environments > Overview. Click on the ellipsis icon from the top right corner, and select Download VPN Profile
Click on the image to expand

Click on the image to expand

Setting up the WireGuard Client

  1. Download and install WireGuard Client on your machine.
  2. Open WireGuard VPN and import the downloaded VPN Profile and start using Facets VPN.

You have successfully configured the VPN in your Facets Environment.