Release Notes v0.23

Release v0.23 brings an enhanced Resource Center with new filters, drag and drop functionality for Promotion Workflows, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

✨What's New

  • Enhanced Resource Center with new filters
    Users can now experience a revamped Resource Center with additional filters for Type, Status, Version, Override Status and Flavor.
Revamped Resource Center UI

Revamped Resource Center UI

  • Drag and Drop functionality for Promotion Workflows
    Users can now drag and drop environments to create promotion hierarchy in promotion workflows.
Drag and Drop environments to create Promotion Hierarchy

Drag and Drop environments to create Promotion Hierarchy


  • Ability to rollback to previous configuration
    A rollback button is added to application configuration history page which enables users to rollback to the desired previous version of the application with ease.
Rollback to previous configuration

Rollback to previous configuration

  • Profile section for all users under Account Settings
    All users will now have access to Profile section under Account Settings page. Here, users can see details of their User Group, and also change the password for their profile.
User Profile section under Account Settings

User Profile section under Account Settings

  • Resource Overview page with Artifact and Configuration details
    An Overview page has been added to all resources of type application. Users can view the Artifact and Configuration details, and also access the Artifact History and Override History from this page.
  • Ability to verify Account Credentials for all accounts
    Users can now Verify the Account Credentials when creating/editing an account under Account Management.
Verify Account Credentials

Verify Account Credentials

  • Substack resources added to Resource-Info API
    The Resources-Info API will now include information about the substacks associated with that cluster.
  • Enhanced Deployment Search API
    Deployment Search API will now take containing as a parameter for triggeredBy.
  • Environment Configure permissions mandatory to retry Selective Releases
    Users will now need Environment Configure permission to be able to retry Selective Releases.
  • EKS 1.23 for AWS Cloud Environments
    Customers using AWS Cloud Environments can now upgrade to EKS 1.23 by setting IaC version to major version 1, and then performing a Full Release. Read here to learn more about Managing Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • CloudSQL flavor MySQL support
    CloudSQL flavor from MySQL is now generally available for all customers using GCP Cloud Environments.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to see resource configuration details.
  • Fixed a bug where releases with status FAULT were still visible after filtering them out.
  • Fixed a bug where User Delete permission was missing from Admin role in some scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the Default User Group had an editable name field.
  • Fixed a bug where page was not refreshed automatically after Sync with Git operation on Secrets and Variables page.

👀Coming Soon

  • Additional Roles moving to Permissions List
    The additional roles of Kubernetes Reader, Kubernetes Debugger and Artifact Push will migrate to the Permissions List that can be added to an existing/custom role. As part of this change, these Additional Roles have been removed from the Roles table and from the User Group creation flow dropdown to select roles.
  • Support for oAuth login using Okta or OneLogin identity providers
    Users will soon be able to login to their organization's Control Plane using Okta or OneLogin identity providers.