Release Notes v0.24

Release v0.24 brings Global Search functionality, Pagination for Release History table, enhanced error log messages and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

✨What's New

  • Global Search in Control Plane
    Users can now search globally across blueprints, environments, resources, and settings in their Control Plane.
    • Each result will show the corresponding navigation links along with it for ease of access.
    • Global Search functionality also supports combination selectors, so a user can search between environment and resources or blueprints and environments just by entering space-separated search terms.
    • The 5 most recent search terms are also saved locally and will be visible as "Recent Searches" in the Global Search modal.
Global Search

Global Search

  • Pagination for Release History table
    The release History table on the Releases page now supports pagination and filtering for all releases. With the addition of this feature, users can now see all releases in a particular environment and also filter the Status, Release Type, and Triggered By column in the table.
Pagination for Release History table

Pagination for Release History table


  • Default Registration Type set as Release Stream
    The Registration Type is now set to Release Stream by default when creating an Artifact CI or Promotion Workflow.
Release Stream as default Registration Type

Release Stream as default Registration Type

  • Enhanced error log messages
    Release logs will now provide two different types of error logs based on whether a resolution is available or not. In case a resolution is available, the suggested fix will also be available in the error heading.
Enhanced error log messages

Enhanced error log messages

  • Confirmation step for deleting subscriptions
    Users will now have an additional check when deleting a subscription for a notification.
Confirmation for deleting Subscription

Confirmation for deleting the Subscription

  • Scheduled detachment of k8s roles
    All expired K8s roles will now be checked and detached on an hourly basis. This is an enhancement over the current implementation of detaching the full release or manually refreshing the k8s credentials.
  • Added support for HPA behavior configurations
    Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) behavior can now be controlled via the advanced section in service JSON.
  • Support for Common Environment Variables handling for services
    Common Environment variables can now be automatically included in service pods through a flag in the advanced section in service JSON.
  • Automatic removal of Terminated/NodeShutdown pods
    Pods with Terminated or NodeShutdown statuses are now removed automatically in GKE clusters.
  • Support for SchemaHero implementation for MySQL
    Users can now manage MySQL schema with Facets using SchemaHero.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where named ports for ingress were not visible in the Control Plane.
  • Fixed a bug where the IAM Role for associated AWS accounts was not visible in the Account Management screen.
  • Fixed a bug where newly added secrets and variables were not visible in the Control Plane after release.
  • Fixed a bug where the promotion confirmation modal was not showing the correct stream name.
  • Fixed a textual error in the getAccountByID API call.
  • Fixed a bug where disabling the downgrading of a major version from one stream also disabled it from other streams.
  • Fixed a bug where minor versions are not filtered according to major version selection.
  • Fixed a bug where the IaC version setup was not available for a new environment.
  • Fixed a bug where an error message on release sign-off was not visible.

👀Coming Soon

  • Plan support for Selective Releases
    Users can soon Plan selective releases from the Releases screen. This feature was already available for full releases, and will now support selective releases as well.