Release Notes v0.27

Release v0.27 brings updates like search bar in the designer tab, alerts for Ingress, the new Loki flavor, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

✨What's New

  • Azure Cluster Upgrade
    AKS has been upgraded from version 1.23 to 1.24. This upgrade is done automatically in a tested and error-free manner, saving effort for customers who would have had to perform the upgrade themselves.
  • Search bar in the Designer tab
    The Designer tab now has a search option that makes it simple for users to search for and locate their Environments and Resources.
Search in Blueprint Designer

Search in Blueprint Designer

  • Introducing Snapshot Scheduler
    A new Resource Type called Snapshot Scheduler has been added to take scheduled backups of stateful applications and databases hosted inside Kubernetes. This allows for easy backup of disks without the need for scripting by defining the backup rules in a simple manifest.
  • User Management and Permissions for MySQL
    A new Resource Type called mysql_user has been introduced, enabling users to create user management and set permissions for MySQL as a resource. This allows for easy configuration of MySQL users, and to wire them into applications. This saves the hassle of manually creating and managing MySQL users and access for applications.
  • Loki is Now supported in Azure
    A new Resource Type called Azure Storage Container has been added. Loki can now work from Azure Storage directly. This offering makes storage and management easy for historical logs, saving dollars.
  • Alert for Invalid Ingress Rule in GKE Ingress
    A new alert has been added in GKE Ingress to trigger notifications when an Ingress rule is invalid, saving a lot of time spent on unnecessary debugging and identifying why rules are not working in the GKE Application Load Balancer (ALB).


  • Disable GKE Logging
    Users will now be able to disable GKE logging from the Facets Control Plane. For environments using GCP, you can find this under the Environment Settings.
Environment Settings

Environment Settings

  • Improved Subscription Tab UI under Notifications
    The Subscription tab UI under the Notification Center has been enhanced and the filters column has been moved to the Actions section.
    • Users can now easily view the filters for a desired notification by clicking the filter icon.


🐞 Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed a bug where CloudSQL and MySQL read replicas were previously required to have at least one replica, but now it is possible to set the replica count to zero.
  • We have fixed a bug where the Windows-based nodes could not retrieve metrics for CPU and memory usage of the Windows applications.