Release Notes v0.28

In Release v0.28, Facets has introduced a new AI assistant in Alerts Manager powered by OpenAI (Beta). Additionally, It now supports managed MySQL (Flexible Server) in Azure.

✨What's New

  • AI Assistant for Alerts Manager (Beta)
    We have introduced a new AI assistant in Facets that allows users to get more information about open alerts and their meanings through the Alerts Manager chat powered by OpenAI.

  • Managed MySQL in Azure
    We now support managed MySQL (Flexible Server) in Azure.


  • Resource Diff Compare now includes Blueprint base values
    In the Resource Details page, the Resource Diff Compare functionality has been enhanced to include Blueprint base values in the comparison.
  • Added Release Status Filter for Application Deployment Complete Notification
    Under Notifications Center > Subscriptions, for the "Application Deployment Complete" Notification Type, we have added the Release Status filter under the Advanced Filters.
  • Customizable Pod Clean-up
    Nodeshutdown/terminated pods are now automatically cleaned up. Users can also customize the clean-up process to include evicted or errored pods by adding a command in overrides.
  • Support to add Zookeeper Version
    We have added Support to add Zookeeper Version inside a Kafka Resource.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where password rules were inconsistent across different pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the Artifact History and Configuration History button on the Resource details page was not accessible to all users.