Release Notes v0.49

Release v0.49 brings updates like Resource flavor selection, ConfigMap as Environment Variables, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

✨ What's New

  • Resource flavor selection
    Users can now choose their preferred flavor in the Blueprint Designer tab during the resource creation process.

    Click on the image to expand

    Click on the image to expand

  • ConfigMap as Environment Variables
    Users can now pass ConfigMap as environment variables in the Service module. Instead of modifying each service individually, you can now update the ConfigMap and the changes will be propagated to all associated services.

🚀 Product Capabilities

  • Node Auto-Provisioning using Facets
    We have introduced node auto-provisioning for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). When enabled, node auto-provisioning in GKE actively adjusts node pools based on your pod's resource needs, driving efficient cluster operation by balancing resource allocation and minimizing unused resources.
  • Multiple Availability Zones Support in GCP Environments
    Users now have the ability to deploy node pools across multiple availability zones for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments using the updated environment settings.

📈 Enhancements

  • Enhanced Error Messages
    Enhanced the error messages associated with the mustache file to provide clearer and more specific information.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to loading Kubernetes details, Resource dashboard, and historical logs for resources with non-default namespace.
  • Fixed a bug where the resources were not scaling down.

📚 Documentation Updates