Release Notes v0.30

Release v0.30 brings updates like the Changes Deployed widget, Kubernetes explorer widget, Quick Log search in the Resource Details page, CI Rules, adding resources from the Designer tab, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

✨ What's New

  • Enhanced Release Details page
    The Release Details page has been refined to consolidate the Changes Applied and Application Deployed widgets into a single, unified Changes Deployed widget. This amalgamation simplifies the process of monitoring and tracking changes and applications implemented during a release. It provides a clearer understanding of which resources have been modified, the reasoning behind these alterations, and whether they were instigated due to overrides, images, or blueprints.
Changes Deployed Widget

Changes Deployed Widget

  • Introducing the New Kubernetes Explorer Widget
    Our Live Releases page has undergone a significant enhancement, providing a comprehensive display of Kubernetes resources in the Facets user interface. It facilitates effortless access to Kubernetes events, logs, and manifests, promoting a thorough understanding of Kubernetes operations.
Kubernetes Explorer Widget

Kubernetes Explorer Widget

  • Quick Log Search
    With the introduction of a dedicated Quick Log Search tab, we have facilitated a quick and straightforward exploration of historical logs. For users who are not yet familiar with this, Facets is ready to provide the necessary support to help them get acquainted.
Quick Log Search

Quick Log Search

  • CI Rules
    We have introduced CI Rules to improve the efficacy of Continuous Integration (CI) integrations. With CI Rules, users can define precise conditions to automatically assign release streams to artifacts, improving efficiency and accuracy.
CI Rules

CI Rules

  • Blueprint Designer Update
    The Blueprint Designer has been updated to allow the creation and modification of resources directly from the Facets UI. This update provides a unified location for all resources, facilitating easier management and modification.
Designer Table View

Designer Table View

🎲 Product Capabilities

  • Alpha module to provision Kubernetes Postgres
    Facets has expanded its features to include Kubernetes Postgres. This functionality facilitates the creation and management of Postgres instances within Kubernetes environments, contributing to streamlined database operations.
  • Schemahero Integration for PostgreSQL Schema Management
    We have integrated Schemahero into Facets for the management of PostgreSQL database schemas. This integration provides an efficient and intuitive way to define, deploy, and track schema changes directly within Facets, simplifying database management tasks.
  • Support for provided resources
    Facets now supports provided resources which will allow users to seamlessly incorporate externally provided infrastructure components, services, and cloud resources into their workflows. This enhancement supports a more inclusive and comprehensive operational process.
  • Dashboards and alerts to monitor unattached volumes
    Facets now offers dashboards and alerts specifically designed to detect and monitor unattached volumes. This functionality is designed to aid users in identifying and addressing any instances of unattached volumes, further augmenting system security.

📈 Enhancements

  • Command to download kubeconfig files
    A new command has been introduced for downloading kubeconfig files. This command enables users to download kubeconfig files using either the Environment name and Blueprint name or the Environment ID.
    • facetsctl download-kubeconfig --environment-name <environment_name> --blueprint-name <blueprint_name>
    • facetsctl download-kubeconfig --environment-id <environment_id>
  • Override Enhancements
    The Overrides screen will now provide users with the latest Blueprint configuration, making adding or removing overrides easier.
    • When overrides are present in "Application" type resources and involve an array, only the modified changes will be visible in the Overrides screen.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where referencing non-existent or disabled resource attributes would result in release failures.
  • Fixed a bug where the color indications in the Cluster Allocation widget were incorrectly displayed.

📚 Documentation Updates

The following documentation has been updated: