Creating a CI Integration

This document provides a step-by-step guide for creating a CI Integration.

Create a CI Integration

  1. Access the CI Integration Page: From the dashboard, click on Artifacts, then select CI Integration. Here, you'll find all the CI Integrations created within the Facets Control Plane.
  2. Create a New CI Integration: Click the Create CI Integration button.
  3. Name Your CI Integration: Enter your desired name in the CI Integration Name field.
    Note: The CI Integration name should be identical to the corresponding Artifact name for consistency.
  4. Select Registration Type: Choose between Environment Name and Release Stream.
  5. Set Global Access: If you have multiple blueprints, enabling this option allows your CI Integration to be accessible across all Blueprints.
  6. Configure Advanced Options: Under the Advanced Options section, you can configure the promotion hierarchy by selecting the Promotion Workflow to define the desired workflow for promoting artifacts. Additionally, you can classify artifacts by choosing the appropriate CI Rule.
  7. Finalize Creation: Click Create to finish setting up your CI Integration.
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Click on the image to expand

The new CI Integration will appear under the 'CI Integration' tab.

Pushing an Artifact

  1. Access the CI Integration Details Page: Navigate to the CI Integration page where you intend to push the artifact.
  2. Select the Release Stream or Environment: Locate the Release Stream or Environment where you want to push the artifact. Click the Push Artifact icon found under the Actions column.
  3. Push the Artifact: In the pop-up window that appears, the Facetsctl command required to push your artifact will be displayed.
  4. For a comprehensive understanding and proper usage of the push command, make sure to refer to the Facets CLI documentation.
Push an Artifact

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You have successfully pushed an artifact.

Promoting an Artifact

  1. Choose the Artifact: Locate the Environment or Release Stream containing the artifact you wish to promote, then click the Promote Artifact icon in the Actions column.
  2. Promote the Artifact: In the pop-up window that appears, click Promote.
Promote an Artifact

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You have successfully promoted the artifact.

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