Release Notes v0.4

This page contains the Release Notes for v0.4

New Features

  • All artifactories are auto selected when creating a new blueprint.
    For more information on creating and registering a Blueprint, check out the Create your first Blueprint page.

Default option selected in New Blueprint UI screen

  • API call to Get Permissions associated with Roles
    This API will enable users to list out all the permissions associated with a given role. Note that the role should exist in the list of predefined roles and have permissions attached to that role.

  • API call to Rolling Restart All pods
    On providing applicationName and ClusterId, any role with K8S_DEBUGGER access can now do a rolling restart on all pods. For more information on roles and permission, check out the Managing Users page.

🛠Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • GKE auto upgrade has been disabled.
  • Prevent failure if credentials requested are invalid, which can happen in case the resource does not exist/ is not supported/is disabled.
  • Descriptive Error Message in now thrown for incorrect blueprint name or application name when using Artifact History API.
  • Artifact History API will now return the latest registered as the top element of the list.