User Management

How to add user roles, create user groups and assign permissions to your users

Access management for resources is a critical function for any organization. Proper access management helps you formalize who has access to what resources, and what they can do with those resources.

Facets provides the capability to do this using Role-based access Control (RBAC). From your Control Plane, you can:

  • Create Custom Roles with unique permissions,
  • Create User Groups, for predefined Roles or custom Roles and assign environment specific permissions.
  • Create and Manage Users and assign them to specific User Groups.

Facets also provides the capability to integrate your Control Plane with Google Workspace and give your users the ability to login directly using Google OAuth.
Click here to know more about Google OAuth Integration.

User Management Workflow

  1. Facets provides you with some System Defined Roles and ability to add Custom Roles with specific granular permissions.
System Defined Roles

System Defined Roles

  1. Administrators (Users with Admin access) can create User Groups that encompass Roles and can grant environment specific permissions to Users in that User Group.



All environments are accessible by default when creating a User Group.

If you want to allow access to limited environments only, then please select specific environments in the User Groups create/edit screen.

  1. Admins can create/edit Users and add them to User Groups.

Roles and Permissions

For more information on managing Roles and Permissions, refer to Roles and Permissions in User Management.