CI/CD Integration

How to Deploy Docker Images to Your Environments

Deploying Docker images to your environments often requires well-defined CI systems and deployment rules to scale effectively. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our platform to streamline this process. Our approach to Docker image deployment is all about flexibility, automation, and control. By linking your artifactory, configuring CI/CD workflows, choosing the right deployment strategies, and integrating with your CI system, you can make your deployment process smooth and reliable across all environments. This design philosophy comes from decades of experience, knowing that well-defined CI systems and deployment rules are key to scaling successfully.

Linking Your Artifactory

Integrating your artifactory, where you store built Docker images, is essential. This integration ensures that your Docker images are accessible for deployment in your environments.

Configuring CI/CD Workflow

You can set up your CI/CD workflow at the project level. This setup can include specific branch-to-environment mappings, such as:

  • master branch deploys to dev
  • production branch deploys to prod

You can also define strategies to promote builds from one environment to another in the Project Settings page.

Image Deployment Strategy

Our platform offers flexible ways to deploy images. The image deployment strategy is defined per Facets service and can be found in its UI:

  • Follow Project Settings: Use the strategy defined at the project level.
  • Manual Selection: Choose images per environment manually.
  • Select for All Environments: Use one image for all environments, useful for open-source applications.

These options help you align image deployment with your organizational needs.

CI System Integration

Integrating your existing CI system with our platform is straightforward. By embedding the provided script into your service’s CI configuration, your images will automatically be sent to the platform. This integration supports tools like GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, and Bitbucket Pipelines, making it easy to create CI pipelines.

By understanding these concepts, you can use our platform to manage your Docker image deployments in a way that fits your organization's practices and goals. For more detailed guidance, refer to our documentation or contact support.