Launching an Environment

Launching your environment initiates the creation of the cluster and the provisioning of resources.

How to Launch an Environment?

  1. To Launch an environment, open the Projects menu and select your desired project.
  2. Proceed to the Environment tab located on the top panel.
    Here, you will find a collection of environments associated with your chosen project.
  3. Identify the environment you want to launch and click the Launch button beside it.
  4. This will prompt the Environment Launch Wizard to appear on your screen.
    This wizard comprises of the following steps:
    1. Connect your Cloud Provider:
      1. Select the Cloud Provider where you plan to provision your infrastructure.
      2. Choose the Cloud Account linked to your selected cloud provider.
    2. Set up your Network:
      1. You have the option to either Create a new VPC or Choose an existing one.
      2. If you opt for an existing VPC, you will need to provide the VPC ID.
      3. Finally, specify the Region, Availability Zone, CIDR range, and Time Zone.
    3. Kubernetes Setup:
      1. Mention the Node Types, Root Volume, Max Nodes and Node Lifecycle based on the requirement.
    4. Review Secrets and Variables:
      1. You can input the actual values for variables declared in the Blueprint either now or after the launch. However, if you prefer, you can skip the 'Secrets and Variables' tab at this time.
    5. Review Resources:
      1. It provides a comprehensive overview of all resources in your environment.
      2. It also allows you to enable or disable resources prior to launching the environment.
  5. Once you have completed these steps, click Launch Environment.
  6. There are two possible outcomes at this point.
    1. If the launch fails, you can navigate to the 'Release Details' page. This page will provide detailed information about any errors that occurred during the launch, helping you understand and rectify the issue.
    2. If the launch is successful, then congratulations! You have successfully launched an environment in Facets.