User Management


Facets provides a comprehensive solution for user management that allows you to formalize who has access to what resources, and what they can do with those resources. Facets uses Role-based Access Control (RBAC) to manage user access to resources.

System-Defined Roles

Facets provides some predefined system defined roles with a set of permissions. These roles can be used as is, or as a starting point to create custom roles with unique permissions.

Custom Roles

Facets provides the ability to create custom roles to meet your specific organization's access control needs. custom roles allow administrators to define unique sets of permissions, allowing you to grant or restrict access to specific resources and actions.

User Groups

Admins can create User Groups that encompass roles and assign environment-specific permissions to users in that User Group. A User Group can contain one or more roles, and each role can have different permissions. When a user is added to a User Group, they automatically inherit the permissions assigned to the roles in that User Group.

User Management

Admins can create/edit users and add them to User Groups.

Google OAuth Integration

Facets also provides the capability to integrate your Control Plane with Google Workspace and give your users the ability to log in directly using Google OAuth. This integration streamlines the login process for users and adds an extra layer of security to your Facets environment.

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