Your Control Plane URL will vary

The Control Plane URL, denoted as YOUR_CP_URL for this API reference document is https://facetsdemo.console.facets.cloud.
Replace that with the Control Plane URL unique to your account.

API Endpoint

This API processes a PUT request to update the status of the resource in an Environment.

  • This API endpoint has one path parameter, clusterId.

Path parameters

  • clusterId of type String is the id of the Environment.

Body parameters

  • resourceName and resourceType are variables of type String.
  • Locate the disabled: true parameter and set the value to true or false.

Note: Setting disabled to true will disable the resource, while setting it to false will enable the resource.

    "disabled": true,  
    "resourceName": "string",  
    "resourceType": "string"  
    "disabled": true,  
    "resourceName": "aws-crit",  
    "resourceType": "service"  
    "disabled": false,  
    "resourceName": "default",  
    "resourceType": "postgres"  

Authenticate your API request

To learn more about how to generate a basic authentication token for use with Facets API requests, check Authentication Setup.


Facets API uses Basic Authentication.

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