Your Control Plane URL will vary

The Control Plane URL, denoted as YOUR_CP_URL for this API reference document is
Replace that with the Control Plane URL unique to your account.

API Endpoint

This API processes a GET request to get a list of specified number of version details for any versioned resource based on the provided versioningKey.

  • This API endpoint has one path parameter, versioningKey.
  • There are also two query parameters, page and perPage.

Path parameters

  • versioningKey of type String, is a unique value for any given set of environment, resource name and resource type.

Query parameters

  • page of type Integer with the default value 0.
  • perPage of type Integer with the default value 5.


page specifies the number of pages to fetch. Note that this value should be “0” to fetch the latest artifacts.
perPage specifies the number of artifacts to fetch. Note that the default value is "5".

Authenticate your API request

To learn more about how to generate a basic authentication token for use with Facets API requests, check Authentication Setup.


Facets API uses Basic Authentication.

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