This page documents the API endpoint to Trigger a Release


Your Control Plane URL will vary

The Control Plane URL, denoted as YOUR_CP_URL for this API reference document is
Replace that with the Control Plane URL unique to your account.

API Endpoint

This API processes a PUT request to trigger a release on a selected unique cluster.

  • This API endpoint has two path parameters, YOUR_CP_URL, and clusterId.
  • There are also two query parameters, forceRelease, and withRefresh.

Path parameters

  • YOUR_CP_URL of type String, is the Control Plane URL specific to your account.
  • clusterId of type String, is the unique ID for the cluster where you want to make a release. You can find this ID in the Environment Overview screen in Facets UI.

Query parameters

There are two required keys for making this API call:

  • forceRelease of type Boolean with the default value false.


forceRelease can be used to force trigger a release regardless of any changes to the blueprint or application versions.

  • withRefresh of type Boolean with the default value true. Note that true will take considerably more time to finish deploying.


withRefresh is used for Drift detection

Drift detection enables you to detect whether the environment differs, or has drifted, from its blueprint specification. In case the value is set to "true", the deployment will try to match the environment configuration as defined in the blueprint if it has drifted from it.

Authenticate your API request

To learn more about how to generate a basic authentication token for use with Facets API requests, check Authentication Setup.


Facets API uses Basic Authentication.

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