Blueprint Designer

The Blueprint Designer in Facets is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of managing and visualizing Blueprints. It addresses critical use cases such as cataloging and architecture visualization. This document provides an in-depth overview of the Blueprint Designer's functionalities, its capabilities, and how it simplifies complex tasks in blueprint management.

Navigate to Blueprint > Designer.

Key Functionalities

  • Table View: For those who prefer a structured format, the Table View provides a comprehensive tabular representation of all the Resources in the Blueprint.
  • Graph View: The Graph View offers an intuitive, visual representation of the Blueprint, making it easy to understand the relationships between different components.
  • Resource Management: Add, modify, or delete resources seamlessly within the Blueprint Designer.
  • Resource Configuration: Manage resource configurations directly at the Blueprint level, ensuring precise control over resource settings.
  • Resource Overview: Within the Blueprint Designer, you can observe how resource links with artifacts, environments, and other blueprint resources, all on one page, delivering valuable insights into resource interactions.
  • Overrides Management: Effectively manage overrides for all resources, ensuring flexibility in customization.
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  1. How can I switch between Graph and Table views?
    • You can toggle between Graph and Table views using the view selector in the top right corner of the Blueprint Designer page.
  2. What insights can I gain from the Resource Overview page within the Blueprint Designer?
    • The Resource Overview page provides a comprehensive view of a resource's relationships. You can visually explore all its connections to other resources through a reference graph. Additionally, it conveniently lists the environments and artifacts in which this resource is involved.
  3. What do I need to know about managing overrides in the Blueprint Designer?
    • The Overrides page offers key details, including the configuration parameter (Key), the default blueprint value, a list of overridden environments, and the customized values for each environment providing a comprehensive overview of customizations for that resource.

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