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A self-serve platform to provision, configure and manage environments

When considering a DevOps platform, the choice between building and buying can be a difficult one. Building your own platform comes with its own set of risks, such as effectively managing stakeholders and ensuring a smooth implementation process. On the other hand, buying a solution also presents challenges, such as the learning curve associated with adopting a new technology.

To help you make a more informed decision, we've analyzed the direct and indirect costs associated with building your own DevOps platform versus using Facets. Let's take a look at the results.

Direct costs

Direct costs refer to the cost of building or buying a DevOps platform in terms of the time and human resources involved. We've made the following assumptions for this analysis:

  1. The below table assumes there are 100 application developers in the team. The timeline scales linearly, so this estimation can be used for teams with more or fewer developers.
  2. The timeline assumes no major reprioritizations or changes to the roadmap.

The results are clear: when it comes to direct costs, using Facets is a no-brainer.

Building and implementation cost6 months6 Devs2 weeks0.5 Dev
Feature enhancements and upgradesPerpetual2 DevsNoneNone
Maintenance costPerpetual1 DevNoneNone

Indirect costs

Indirect costs refer to the opportunity cost and other costs associated with the decision to build or buy the platform. Here, the results are just as clear. By choosing Facets, businesses can:

  1. Focus on their core business areas
  2. Pursue new avenues in their industry
  3. Tackle technical backlogs and work on their tech debts
  4. Enjoy quick bug resolution (with 24/7 customer support)
  5. Benefit from quick platform upgrades (with one-click upgrades)
  6. Provide a better developer experience (with a self-service platform)


Facets is a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly option for businesses looking to streamline their DevOps practices. Compared to building a custom solution, Facets boasts a significantly shorter time frame for implementation. Additionally, Facets eliminates the need for ongoing costs associated with feature enhancements, upgrades, and maintenance.

By choosing Facets, businesses can avoid diverting resources away from their core operations and focus on new business opportunities, and sidestep the challenges of technical backlogs, delayed bug resolution, and necessary platform upgrades. Choose Facets today, and take advantage of a self-service platform that offers a superior developer experience and 24/7 customer support.

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