How to Create an Application in OneLogin?

  1. Log in to your OneLogin console and open the admin portal.
  2. Navigate to Applications > Applications from the top pane and click Add App.
  3. Search for OpenId Connect (OIDC) in the OneLogin app catalog and select it.
  4. Now, mention the Display Name, Description(optional).
  5. In the Configuration tab, mention the Redirect URI.
    Eg: https://<control-plane-url>/login/oauth2/code/<registration-ID>


    • Replace <control-plane-url> in the above link with your organization's Control Plane URL.
    • Note down the <registration-ID>, as the same value needs to be entered in your Control Plane.
  6. In the SSO tab, under Token Endpoint, select the Authentication Method as POST.
  7. In the Users tab, assign the app to relevant users or groups by selecting them and adding the app to their assigned applications.
  8. Click Save.
Creating  an App in OneLogin

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You have successfully created an application in OneLogin.

How to Add Integration for OneLogin SSO in Facets?

  1. Log in to your Control Plane and navigate to Setting > OAuth Integrations from the left pane.
    This page displays all the configured OAuth Integrations in Facets.

  2. Click Add Integrations.

  3. Select OneLogin as the provider.

  4. Fill in the following information:

    1. Registration ID

    2. Client ID

    3. Client Secret

    4. Issuer URL


      1. Log in to the OneLogin console and open the application.
      2. Under the SSO tab, you will find the Client Id, Client Secret, and the Issuer URL.
    5. Login Button Text: Choose the text that will appear in the Control Plane Login screen. Facets recommends using your organization's name.

  5. Click Create.

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You have successfully set up OneLogin integration in Facets.