Facets Core Concepts

The Facets Control Plane is your self-serve command center, designed to orchestrate your SDLC with precision across multiple environments, ensuring seamless collaboration, heightened security, and compliance. Housed within your own cloud environment, Facets offers unparalleled ownership and a single-click, automated deployment on AWS, Azure, or GCP cloud environments.

A blueprint in Facets is the architectural masterplan of your software product, detailing every component—from microservices to configurations—mirroring the precision of construction blueprints. It's the single source of truth, stored in Git, that defines your software's DNA with resource types, intents, and flavors, ensuring consistency and flexibility across all environments.

An environment is where your blueprint comes to life, tailored to specific cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, or Azure. Facets translates your architectural blueprint into a fully operational realm, customizable to meet unique requirements and organized into Release Streams for efficient management of different deployment stages.

The Blueprint Designer is a visualization expert within Facets, providing a dynamic interface for crafting and managing your blueprints. With both Table and Graph views, it simplifies complex blueprint configurations, offering a granular overview of resources, their interactions, and the ability to manage overrides, ensuring your architecture is not only designed but visualized with clarity.