Monitoring and Observability

Stay ahead of the curve with Facets' Notifications, empowering you to tailor your alerts across multiple platforms with a subscription model that ensures relevance and immediacy. With integrations like Slack, PagerDuty, and custom webhooks, never miss a critical update, and keep your system's health in check with granular controls and advanced filters.

Take command of your cloud budget with the Cloud Cost Explorer in Facets, a powerful tool that demystifies your spending with detailed analytics and dynamic updates. From pinpointing daily expenses to tracking trends with percentage change analysis, optimize your resources with data-driven insights across AWS and Azure services.

The Validations Summary Panel in Facets is your central command for preempting issues and ensuring compliance with guardrail policies. With real-time error detection and a comprehensive validation cycle, this panel is an essential tool for maintaining system integrity and accelerating developer response times.

Facets amplifies your resource management with a suite of external tools, including a Kubernetes Embedded Dashboard, Prometheus, Alertmanager, and Grafana. Whether you're monitoring metrics or accessing terminals via Wetty, Facets' integrations streamline your control plane, offering a cohesive and customizable experience for your operational needs.