Google Oauth

How to Create an OAuth Client ID in your Google Console?

  1. Go to the Google Console and follow the steps in the Setting up OAuth 2.0 guide.
  2. Set up an Authorized Redirect URI using the following format: <YOUR_CP_URL>/login/oauth2/code/<unique-registrationID>.
  3. Make note of the unique Registration ID provided by Google.
    1. Replace <YOUR_CP_URL> in the table above with the unique URL for your organization's Control Plane.
    2. We recommend using a single word, all in lower-case, as the <unique-registrationID>. This will be used later in the Facets UI when adding the OAuth integration to your Control Plane.

How to Add Integration for Google OAuth in Facets?

  1. Navigate to Setting > OAuth Integrations from the left pane.
    This page displays all the configured OAuth Integrations in Facets.

  2. Click Add Integrations and select Google as the Provider.

  3. Fill in the following information:

    1. Registration Id: Use the from the Authorized Redirect URI in Step 1.
    2. Client Id: Use the Client Id from your Google Console.
    3. Client Secret: Use the Client Secret from your Google Console.
    4. Login Button Text: Choose the text that will appear in the Control Plane Login screen. For example, you can use your organization's name.
  4. Click Create.

    Click on the image to expand

    Click on the image to expand

That's it! You have successfully set up Google OAuth integration in Facets.