Cloud Cost Explorer

Cloud Cost Explorer in Facets offers users comprehensive insights into their cloud expenditure, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization. It provides a detailed breakdown of costs across cloud platforms, catering to both basic and advanced analysis needs.

Key Functionalities

  • Cloud Cost Analysis: Analyze your financial landscape by exploring the total costs per environment in a chart on the Blueprint level for the selected time range.
  • Time Period Filters: Using the time period filters, you have the option to access data for specific durations: the last 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days.
  • Percentage Change Analysis: Analyze your spending trends by selecting a time filter, for example, 7 days. The system will calculate and display the percentage increase or decrease in your expenses over the chosen period, providing you with valuable insights.
  • Daily Spending Breakdown: Analyze your daily spending breakdown, including expenses by each environment within your chosen time range, and note that you can retrieve cost data for each specific day over the past 30 days.
  • Dynamic Updates: Costs and environments update dynamically based on the selected time period.
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1. What is the primary goal of Cloud Cost Explorer in Facets?

The primary goal is to provide users with clear visibility into the costs associated with their cloud environments and resources. This feature helps users understand their cloud expenses, enabling them to optimize resource allocation effectively.

2. What does basic cloud cost analysis include?

Basic cloud cost analysis involves displaying the gross per-hour cost for each environment and providing a forecast of monthly costs for these environments. It is a high-level overview of cloud expenditure.

3. Can I enable or disable the Cloud Cost Explorer feature?

Yes, you can enable or disable this feature based on your preference. Enabling it may require providing access to your cloud cost explorer, ensuring that you have control over when and how this feature is used.

4. How often is the cost breakdown and environment list updated in Cloud Cost Explorer?

The cost breakdown and list of environments are updated dynamically based on the selected time period. This ensures that you always have access to real-time cost data.

5. Is Cloud Cost Explorer available for all supported cloud platforms?

Cloud Cost Explorer is currently available for AWS and Azure cloud services.

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