Facets Core Concepts

Control Plane

Control Plane is a self-serve DevOps platform that helps organizations manage their software development lifecycle. It offers an Enterprise Plan for isolated deployments in the customer's cloud and a Growth Plan (SaaS Model) hosted on Facets' cloud. Control Plane can manage resources on AWS, Azure, and GCP, providing flexible and centralized control.

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Blueprints offer a practical way to represent your architecture, serving as a plan for your entire product. This allows you to design all aspects of your product without launching any resources on the cloud.

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Environment-Specific Configurations

When developing applications, it's often necessary to provide information that changes depending on the environment. This information can't be hardcoded and includes feature flags, secrets, and credentials for external services.

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CI/CD Integration

Our platform helps you deploy Docker images to your environments through its CI/CD section. This article guides you through setting up and managing your CI/CD process, integrating with existing CI systems, or setting up new ones.

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Releases, Services, and Resources

Releases allow you to make changes to your environment, whether launching your product for the first time or deploying new builds. This article explains how services and resources work within our platform and how to manage them effectively.

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