Create an Environment

After creating your blueprint, you can now launch the first manifestation of it, which is the environment. Go to the Blueprint Overview page, and you will see a prompt to create your first environment.

  1. Select the Cloud Provider: The next step is to select the cloud provider. This will open a 3-step stepper wizard.
Select the Cloud Provider
  1. Basic Information: In the first step, you need to name your environment, select its timezone, and select its release stream. This information will be relevant when wiring builds.
  2. Cloud-Specific Information: In the second step, you need to specify the CIDR range for the VPC, making sure to not conflict with existing clusters if you have a use case for peering. Additionally, you need to select the region, AZ, and node family.
Provide Cloud Specific Details for the Environment
  1. Link Cloud Account with Facets: In the third step, you need to link the cloud account with the Facets control plane or select a pre-configured cloud account.

A logical environment would be created on click of the 'create' button. However, please note that the environment will not be launched immediately and will appear as 'stopped' on the environment page.