Creating a Blueprint

For a better understanding of the concept of Blueprint and associated functionality, we recommend going through the Blueprint concepts documentation.

How to create your first Blueprint?

  1. Open Blueprints and click New Blueprint.
  2. Begin by assigning a unique Name to your Blueprint.
  3. Proceed to the Repository Setup.
    Create a new Repository
    will be selected by default.
  4. Choose your VCS Account from the available list. To create a new VCS account, click on Create New Account, provide the necessary details, and then select the account. For more details, refer to the Integrate Version Control Systems (VCS) with Facets documentation.
  5. Specify the master Branch Name (for example, "main" for GitHub or "master" for Bitbucket).
  6. Select your Primary Cloud provider and begin with the default JSON for resources. If necessary, you can later modify it to suit a different provider. For more details, refer to the Integrating Cloud Accounts documentation.
  7. After completing the above steps, click the Create button to initiate the Blueprint creation process.

You have successfully created your first Blueprint!

Now, let's move on to Adding Resources to your Blueprint.