Using Webhooks for Notifications

Facets Control Plane provides the capability to use webhooks for receiving notifications based on various different payloads.

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Set up Webhooks for Notifications from your Control Plane


You need to have ADMIN role to be able to create and manage Notifications in your organization's account.

  1. Login to your Control Plane.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in your sidebar.
  3. Click on Notifications tab.
Notifications tab

Notifications tab

  1. Click on Create Channel in the Channels tab. (Go to Step 6 if you already have a channel).
  2. Select the Channel Type and add an appropriate Channel Name and Channel URL.
Webhook Channel Type (Click on the image to expand)

Webhook Channel Type



  • Facets also supports Slack, Zenduty and Pagerduty as Channel Types.
  • The Channel URL should be the URL for the Webhook where you want to receive notifications.
  1. Click on Create Subscription in the Subscriptions tab if you want to create a new one or click on the Edit Subscription icon to edit an existing one.
  2. Select the Blueprint, the Channel and set a Notification Type, then click on Add Payload.
Add Payload (Click on the image to expand)

Add Payload (Click on the image to expand)

  1. Add the appropriate details necessary for your webhook notification in the Payload Template, then click on Save Payload.
Save Payload (Click on the image to expand)

Save Payload (Click on the image to expand)

  1. You have successfully added a webhook subscription to receive notifications. Click on Create Subscription to save your subscription.
    NOTE: You can also Edit and View your Payload in this screen.
Create Subscription (Click on the image to expand)

Create Subscription (Click on the image to expand)


A defined blueprint and a channel should exist for you to be able to create a webhook based subscription for notifications.